Animated Halloween Music Videos by J.E.Moores

Things music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresTrick or Treatin' music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresDay Of The Dead music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresScreaming Freaky Green Things music and animation by J.E.MooresIt's Halloween music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresCandy music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresScience! music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresHaunted Man music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresS. S. Mopehead music by Mark Harvey, animation by J.E.MooresKing Kong music by Mitchell Vaillant, animation by J.E.MooresMonster Hunte music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresTomb Of Doom music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresHead Burner by Dan Hanrahan, animation by J.E.MooresSaboosa's Burp animation by J.E.MooresDark Ride music by Rain Station, animation by J.E.MooresAffaire des Poisons mobile game by J.E.MooresGarden of Delights mobile game by J.E.MooresBroom Hopping mobile game by J.E.MooresHarriett Sawyer 1823 mobile game by J.E.MooresWiggly Loaf mobile game by J.E.Moores

Halloween Mobile Games by J.E.Moores

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Adventure Frankenstein mobile game by J.E.Moores

Adventure Frankenstein is a classic Halloween game. Help Igor plunder graves and find enough body parts to build a monster. Then you can play as the monster and build a Bride. Free download for iOS, Android.

Broom Hopping mobile game by J.E.Moores

Broom Hopping is a classic Halloween game. Help the kitty hop up up UP from broomstick to broomstick as the witches and bats fly by. Free download for iOS, Android, and Amazon. Broom Hopping is Halloween fun for the whole family.

Garden of Delights art of Hieronymus Bosch mobile game by J.E.Moores

Some of the most bizarre and nightmarish images the world has ever seen come from Hieronymus Bosch and his Garden of Delights. I have obsessed looking at details of this amazing painting since I was a kid. I thought it would be cool to make a game that enters the three worlds of the triptych. You get to unlock many strange critters to continue exploring the three haunted worlds. Free to download on iOS and Android. Contains many disturbing images and plenty of weird subject matter. You'll love it.

Evil Witches and Demons mobile game by J.E.Moores

You read it right. You collect babies for Satan. Not only that, you trade them in for magic potions to become more powerful. That way, everyone is happy. What's more fun than old wood cuts of witches and demons? Affaire des Poisons is a video game where you get to hop around, cavort, and carry on with all sorts of wicked things. Become a flying witch on a broom, a flying demon, or a very handsome goat! Just avoid getting burned at the stake! Free download for iOS and Android for your mirth and entertainment.

Harriett Sawyer 1823 mobile game by J.E.Moores

Harriett Sawyer haunts the world's oldest all girls summer camp somewhere in Maine. You can visit her gravestone, but try to avoid the ghosts. Free download iOS and Android.

Wiggly Loaf Halloween Costume

Wiggly Loaf has a lot of challenges in life, but always seems to come out on top. Wiggly Loaf was once a weird doodle on a chalkboard, but to prove that with lots of love anything is possible, Wiggly Loaf now has a video game making that chalkboard world come to life. The game is a cross between classic platform game and physics puzzle. Each level contains elements Wiggly Loaf must stack, move, avoid, or tunnel under in order to keep going. Collect hearts, and avoid stepping on the flowers. Free game on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

Wiggly Loaf Halloween

Magical Art and Toys by J.E.Moores

Haunted Dollhouse Magic Potion Shop Witch School with Lots of CatsTiny Kaiju Battle PlaysetOuija Necklace with Teeny Weeny PlanchetteDivine Symmetry Cube of Metatron Sacred Geometry Crystal Charging BoardHomopolar Motor Kit

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Happy Halloween and Day Of The Dead!

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